Speech Therapy

Crown Pediatric facilitates an interactive, collaborative therapy model. We understand that communication is learned best through functional social interactions. These are addressed through developmental, engaging play-based activities that encourage communication and relationships with others. 

Speech Therapy Infographic

Communication must be learned in a meaningful way as it applies to our daily life. For children, this means being able to make their wants and needs known at home, school and play.


Our social-pragmatic approach is developmentally-based, increasing communication as a child grows.

Peer Interaction

Children learn skills from relationships and communication with others.  Our therapy facilitates this interaction.

Family & Community

Communication outside the clinic is essential to increasing development of skills.  We believe in involving family throughout the entire therapy process.

Evaluations Speech and Occupational Therapy
Speech Evaluations

We offer evaluations for all areas of speech and language productions and understanding.  Our assessments are performed by a team using standardized scores, language sampling (formal and play based) as well as checklists and observations.

Summer Intensive Camp For Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Summer intensive camps

Camps during the summer allow our clients more time to practice their speech sounds and language development while engaging in fun activities with others.   Themes include, drama, science, building and art.

Speech Therapy

We offer an interactive therapy model within our clinic.  All of our therapy rooms are designed for individual and/or group therapy.  This allows for multiple communication environments and partners.

Pediatric Feeding Intervention
feeding intervention

Our feeding therapists are qualified to identify feeding issues from infants to older kids. Issues can include difficulty with swallowing phases or food aversion. Using a variety of techniques (oral motor, sensory, behavioral), our therapists will work with families to provide help. .

Social Skills Speech Therapy
Social Skills group

Communicating socially is a primary focus at Crown Pediatric.  Initiating conversation, maintaining topics and talking with others along with transferring these skills to school, home or play is a necessary skill.  We offer weekly social skills groups to facilitate learning these skills.

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